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Anime California 2014

David "Mashumaro" Wu POSTED: 5/07/2014
Anime California is an anime and esports convention with a heavy focus on League of Legends, who asked us if we would like to present our game to the first time at their convention. We jumped at the chance and now we've been working our fingers to...

Trailer Release #2

David "Mashumaro" Wu POSTED: 5/07/2014
Finally after 9 months of hard work we can show our progress and reveal some new characters to you! Tell us what you liked about the new trailer in the comments below!   This wouldn't have been possible if...

Draven, the Glorious Executioner

David "Mashumaro" Wu POSTED: 4/01/2014
Here comes Draven.                                                                  ...

Warwick, the Blood Hunter!

SamuraiPanda POSTED: 2/19/2014
Our newest addition to the roster is actually the first character we started after the trailer's initial release! Warwick, the Blood Hunter is a grappler who is bringing his claws to the fields of League of Fighters.    Check out this...

Happy New Year Everyone!

David "Mashumaro" Wu POSTED: 1/10/2014
Instaburst is still alive and the entire team is working hard to bring you League of Fighters!    So without further ado, 2 new additions to our roster: Garen, The Might of Demacia and Riven, The Exile! Check out some in-game screenshots...

Open Positions

Champion Animator 3/02/2014

Here is an example of the work from Annie's line artist, Gaby14link.  The line artist is the base and most essential part of the team that makes...

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