Champion Preview: Lee Sin the Blind Monk

SamuraiPanda August 7, 2014 At 5:11pm

Please Note: This game is still in alpha. Everything (visuals, specials, cooldowns and even playstyles) are subject to change! 

Lee Sin the Blind Monk

Even though he couldn't find his way to our recent trailer, Lee Sin is still going to be part of the alpha build at the end of the month. Lee Sin is a character for people who like to think before they act. He's unsafe on block for many of his attacks, but if you read your opponent well you can string into high damage combos that will teach them better than to underestimate you. All you have to do to succeed with the blind monk is to see through your enemy. 


Flurry (Passive) - Lee Sin's heavy normal attacks hit twice

Tip: The first hit of Lee Sin's standing heavy can hit opponents off the ground

Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike (5s/8s CD) - Hit your opponents with Lee Sin's Sonic Wave attack and the next time you use the special he will fly at them with his resonating strike attack

Tip: Resonating strike is invincible in the beginning so if your opponent fires a projectile at you, treat them with a kick in the face!

Safeguard/Iron Will (8s CD) - Jump to a ward to move through your enemies or to attack from unique angles

Tip: Iron Will can hit enemies with an overhead attack when they least expect it and Safeguard can move through enemies to surprise them from behind

Tempest (10s CD) - Pound the ground for a medium range low hitting attack

Tip: You can pop up enemies off the ground to extend your combos 

Dragon's Rage (Ultimate) - Flying dragon kick that causes your enemies to bounce off the wall and continue your combos 

Tip: Dragon's Rage has a lot of priority, so it beats out many attacks when they clash! 


Be sure to watch our stream of the League of Fighters alpha build August 22-24 at Anime California!


Lee Sin the Blind Monk Credits

Splash: 2gold

Animator: Uracle

Colorer: Hiko

Editor: Mashumaro

Moveset: Matthew Ng

Everything Else: David "Mashumaro" Wu and Alan "SamuraiPanda" Bunney




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