In-game footage of the League of Fighters alpha!

David "Mashumaro" Wu September 3, 2014 At 1:02pm

Thanks for the wait everyone. We can finally start showcasing our game! Our first playable build of the game was available for the public at Anime California. We'd really like to thank everyone who showed up and tried our game or gave us feedback on how to improve it. We're going to be changing a lot (and doing some more balancing) over the next few months while our artists churn out more of their excellent animations. Check out the montage of our Anime California build here:

Additionally, we ran a tournament and had 55 entrants! It was an awesome time and people really had fun. You can watch the top 4 here:


We also had 2 of the best fighting game players in the world play our game for hours! After both Justin Wong (Kennen) and Chris G (Annie) both trained to learn combos for a while, they duked it out against each other in some casuals:

If you're really motivated you can watch the full top 8, more of Justin Wong training, or even the entire tournament on our Twitch channel at .

We're really trying hard to make an open beta release (with online) by 2014! In the meantime if you want to support our game, show it to a friend and subscribe to our Youtube channel or follow/like us on Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch!


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