Sandstorm Impressions

David "Mashumaro" Wu April 28, 2015 At 5:41pm

We had a great time demoing League of Fighters at MVG's Sandstorm Event in Arizona. Many top smash players like Ken, Leffen, MacD, and Forward had a chance to try the game along with countless  other Smashers, tournament spectators, and game enthusiasts in attendance at Sandstorm. 


The LoF booth was very busy with people playing non-stop during our 2 day demo event. The only time we didn't have a line and spectators was after Melee started Winner's Quarters where hometown hero Axe pulled upsets against TSM Leffen and C9 Mango. Once again we had very positive reception with many players coming back in between tournament matches.

Huge shoutouts to EightArc for providing a Fusion Synthesis Fightstick for our setup. The Fusion Synthesis Fightstick played smooth, looked beautiful and there were no issues with the PC. 


The playable characters in this demo were: Kennen, Vi, Annie, Garen, Lee Sin, Riven, Warwick, and Miss Fortune. Lee Sin, Vi, and Warwick were picked most often, however there were 2 Garen players who dominated free play sessions.


The Call for Ganks(assist) characters available were: Malphite, Rammus, Fizz, Jayce, Karma, Heimerdinger, Sona, Blitzcrank, and Tryndamere.


There were many interesting applications of each CFG but in general Malphite, Rammus, and Heimerdinger seemed to be the most effective on Day 1.


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