Champion Animator

Here is an example of the work from Annie's line artist, Gaby14link. 

The line artist is the base and most essential part of the team that makes a character come to life. Its also the most difficult role to take on! We have to use a traditional hand-drawn animation style instead of relying on tools like flash. To make one fully playable character requires somewhere from 150-200 individual frames, and the pace we move at is roughly 2-3 frames a day. Without a lot of dedication and ability, animating an entire champion to become a fighter would be impossible. If you think you could handle that pace and draw line art with the same or better detail/skill than our example here, then don't hesitate to apply! 

Keep in mind though that line artists aren't really able to choose the champion they work on. We try to give you a selection of champions and whenever possible we'll try to give you a champion that you like or works well with your style, but bringing a champ to LoF requires a lot of programming, planning, and other team members to create. 

- Note: Animators who are accepted get the choice of whether to have a moveset art designer do the keyframes (stylistic design of how attacks and animations should look) or doing it themselves. 

***Requires digital art capabilities***

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